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I know that present time is full of easy snapshots and impressive postproduction in a variety of applications. But I also know that a professional photo with the right profundity still has its firm place in presentation, advertising and product photography. Photo sells, informs and tells not only about your product, service or location, but also about your approach. Today, on the one hand, everything is becomes easier, but demands and criticality of clients are growing. Photos are the first encounter with your company and the first impression is always crucial... Equally as nice photos of your corporate event or meeting with clients have different informative value.

I offer professional services in the field of photography and art of self-presentation. I have many years of experience as the PR professional, spokesperson and freelance journalist and of course in the field of reportage, public relations and product photography. I help companies and individuals to design and implement their visual portfolio and promotional photos (on the web, presentations, print materials, etc.) Currently I actively move in the field of gastronomy and tourism, and specialize on photography in the "HoReCa" (hotels, restaurants and cafes) sector. Experiences and observations from my travels are positively reflected on my work.


23/05/2015 12:09
Na květen a červen 2015 se stanu reportážním fotografem několika golfových turnajů po celé ČR....
05/05/2015 19:10
Pro exlusivní třeboňskou restauraci jsem připravil sadu promofotek na web a venkovní banner. Jídlo...
29/05/2014 12:25
V Brně jsem se jako fotograf zúčastnil školení barmanů o skotské whisky. Bylo to velmi zajímavé a...


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